Astronomical ephemerides - a JavaScript utility to calculate various solar system data. The intent is to replace the yearly astronomical almanac.
Chrome browser extension that launches the Variable Star Atlas web page and tells it to display only the variable star specified by the selected name.
Variable Stars Observations Planner is a more friendly observations planner for variable star observers. Based on AAVSO's Basic Planner.
Extinction-o-Meter is an utility that can apply corrections to visual brightness estimates of variable stars, so that differential atmospheric extinction is taken into account.
Variable Stars Atlas is an app that plots the position of variable stars in various constellations. Finding where to look for THAT cataclismic variable or THAT Delta Scuti star has never been easier. Based on open-sky, by neizod.
Double Stars Atlas is an app that plots the position of double stars visible in binoculars in various constellations. Based on open-sky, by neizod.
Dial Builder is an app that draws dials, with or without verniers, with a good set of options regarding text placement and orientation, angle span and so on.
A free Windows application to manage your maps and mods. Previously know as MapTap. It was built to be used with Source and GoldSource games, for, now
AvP2 Team Fortress is a multiplayer mod for Aliens vs. Predator 2. This particular mod focused in bringing in game modes like CTF, Assault, Domination and so on. For this project I was responsible with almost everything except mapping.
With the exception of "AvP2 Team Fortress", all software is open source, licensed either GPL or (more likely) AGPL.