Double Stars Atlas

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Based on open-sky, by neizod, enhanced by Herr_Alien to display double stars.

Use a different local sidereal time to view other constelations, as they would rise and set

Click on a double star to plot a dedicated star map with comparison stars suited for binoculars, from

local time: 21 
show regular stars brighter than m =  
show doubles brighter than m =  
show doubles with a separation larger than arcsec
show doubles from
Chart options (equipment dependent):

Limiting magnitude: , FOV [arc minutes]:
Chart orientation:
screen control
left - pan left
right - pan right
up - pan up
down - pan down
x - zoom in
z - zoom out

q - optimize for good performance
c - toggle constellation
l - toggle skyline
t - toggle stars shape
f - switch sky view

Mouse Control
wheel - zoom in and out
drag - pan sky view -- slow inertial pan
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